Bakers Dozen Doughnuts (13pcs)


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Love doughnuts? Then try our Baker’s Dozen assortment which will include 13 of our delicious classic doughnuts!

Your baker’s dozen box will be a selection of hand-picked classic doughnuts including an assortment of ring and filled doughnuts selected by our team of bakers. If you have a specific request please let us know in the notes section and we will do our best to accomodate.

You can always see our most up-to-date list of classic doughnuts here!

Please note for baker’s dozen all doughnuts will be packaged in 1 box and includes a mix of filled classic doughnuts and classic ring doughnuts. The Baker’s Dozen does not include our gourmet doughnuts.


1 review for Bakers Dozen Doughnuts (13pcs)

  1. Susan Martin

    Heavenly excuse to ditch the diet Sunday’s. The staff was giddy as they hurried to box and fill the bakers dozen boxes. I wanted to try them all, but the box was not big enough and I was raised to share. The first doughnut you pop in your mouth will be your favourite because the flavour overwhelms your sense of reason after that. Decadent airy and not too sweet. A line of spandex clad customers prepared for their fix before a run… or are they secret Bacon Maple fans? No longer a hidden Jem, I expect to be camping out in front. Bring your wet naps tie your hair back and forget your phone. This indulgence is messy. My suggestions the peanut butter and Maple Bacon… Mmmmmm Bacon

    • David and Sheana Moyer

      Thank you so much for this!

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