German Chocolate Cake


Baked in-house from scratch our German Chocolate cake features 3 layers of chocolate cake separated with caramel, coconut, and walnut layers! The cake is also topped with the delicious caramel, coconut, and walnut mixture, and features rich chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles on the side.

Fun Fact – did you know the German chocolate cake is actually not German?!

In 1852, American Samuel German developed a dark chocolate baking chocolate for the Baker’s Chocolate Company which was commercially known as Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate. Fast forward 105 years later when Mrs. George Clay used the chocolate in a recipe she called German’s Chocolate cake. The recipe was featured in the Dallas Morning News as the Recipe of the Day and quickly gained popularity. The Baker’s Chocolate company saw the popularity and began to distribute the recipe to other newspapers in the country. It is said the sales of Baker’s Chocolate increased by as much as 73% and become a national staple in America.


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German Chocolate Cake

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