Our all-butter danishes are baked fresh in-house from scratch and come in a variety of flavours!

  • Chocolate filled and topped with chocolate
  • Lemon filled drizzled with icing
  • Cherry center drizzled with icing
  • Poppyseed – danish pastry with poppyseed filling and drizzled with icing
  • Butter horn – Danish topped with walnuts
  • Date Bear Claw – danish pastry filled with dates and topped with icing
  • Almond pocket – danish topped with sliced almonds and topped with icing and a cherry

In addition, we also have our kringle which is a large danish with almond filling and topped with sliced almonds.

For another amazing danish treat check out our Copenhagen,  an all-butter almond danish on top of puff pastry, raisins, and custard.

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Chocolate, Almond Pocket, Lemon, Cherry, Poppy, Butter Horns, Almond Croissants


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