With over 70 different breads in our roster, it's no wonder our bakery was built on bread. Bread continues to be our most popular product because it tastes amazing and is made with real ingredients, no preservatives. Need a specific type? Let us know and we can most likely have it baked fresh for you the very next day!


Our best ingredients and essential items.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free items.


Loaves of fresh baked goodness.


We're not one to brag BUT our sausage rolls are kind of legendary. We also make cornish pasties, meat pies, spinach pies, lentil pockets and a host of other savoury treats fresh in-house with real ingredients, no preservatives.


We have the perfect sweet treat for every occasion! From seasonal specialties like fruit pies to all-butter shortbread cookies to eclairs and custom cakes, our team will deliver exactly what you need to fit any sweet craving.


Vegan items.